What Have Others Said?

I am a counsellor in Kemptown Brighton and here are some statements from clients I have had the privilege of working with:

S: Seventy two year old widow suffering as a result of bereavement: “I am now able to get on with my life. When we began I was angry, confused, sad and unable to enjoy my relationships with my children. Things are better, I am getting on with my life and my children are pleased.”

R: A nineteen-year-old student full of fear about bereavement and abandonment: “Our work over the last year has helped me understand my fears about loss, my dread of being alone, my low self esteem and lack of confidence. I now feel confident for my age and enjoy my relationships.”

M and N: A couple that had begun suing for separation and custody of their children: "Over the last eighteen months we have found a way to listen and to accept each other and want to continue to build our relationship and to remain married."

G and A: "Coming to see you for the last five weeks has been a very positive experience. We have found a way to talk freely and openly with each other. We can continue to plan our marriage."

M: A thirty year old engineer abused by a carer: “I understand my rage and I recognize that I have been directing it against my partner. Knowing this has helped me to be begin to deal with my difficulties.”